Diseases of the Colon and Rectum

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Dr. Robin Boushey Office

The Ottawa Hospital, General Campus, CAC, Room 7474, BOX 203

501 Smyth Road,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1H 8L6

Tel.: (613)737-8899 ext. 71724
Fax: (613)737-8011



(Ottawa Gastrointestinal Institute)

(Corner of Smyth Rd and St Laurent Blvd in the Elmvale Acres Mall)

1910 St Laurent Blvd, Unit 29
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1G 1A4

Tel.: (613)686-6656
Fax: (613)248-9009


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General Information

Dr. Boushey runs clinics and sees patient in the following locations
• The Ottawa Hospital-General Campus, second floor, Module K.
• The Ottawa Hospital-General Campus, Cancer Assessment Center, 7th floor.
• Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Dr. R. Boushey does procedures and examinations, such as colonoscopies in the following locations:
• The Ottawa Hospital-General Campus, 1st Floor, Endoscopy Unit Room 1438. 
•  The Ottawa Gastrointestinal Institute
• Please arrive 60 minutes prior to your schedules appointment time.

For information related to your scheduled appointment and preparation, please contact Dr. Boushey’s office at (613) 737-8899 ext. 71724. Due to the insecure nature of e-mail communication, we do not wish to use email as a means of communication with the public or patients.

No show policy: You must give our office at least 7 business days notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you will be automatically charged $50 as no show fee. If you do not show up for a colonoscopy appointment, you will be automatically charged $250 as no show fee.

For further information on any of other services, please contact The Ottawa Hospital main phone line at (613) 737- 8899.

Please note: If you have a medical problem and you are unable to get in touch with someone in Dr. Boushey's office, please present yourself to the nearest walk in clinic or emergency department.

Hours of Operation
Office Hours:

Monday – Friday

7 AM – 3 PM


Saturday, Sunday and Holidays




General Campus


OGI (Ottawa Gastrointestinal Institute)